Handcrafted jewellery for dogs that aren’t plain pups.

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It’s called fashion, not fetch

Move over metal, ceramic couture has dropped at your local dog park – and it’s off the leash!

Available in 4 shapes, various bold patterns and one earthy clay finish. A high gloss glaze gives the collar pendants a designer look and feel.

Timeless, waterproof, durable and FUR-LESSLY FUN.

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Listen up  humans, we need to talk

I won’t pussy-foot around here, you’re looking ruff.

Collar me crazy, but you’re fired. We’re all grown up and ready to strut our own looks.

Seriously, we’ve graduated from frisbees. We want to express ourselves.

Now, we’ll just need your credit card…

Thanks human. You’re the best –  feel free to get something matchy for yourself, too.

Austin x

“I’m ready for the runway. Five big barks and a paw shake from me”

– Austin the Artisan